The Triton Skytrek  is the first CAAC and FAA-certified factory-built Light Sport Aircraft made in China! It shares the same heritage as the likes of CZAW SportCruiser, the PiperSport and some other look-alike that are derivatives of the ZenAir 601XL. Our two-seater Skytrek is one of the latest in the Special Light Sport evolution.

Huangpin Guizhou Airshow (late July 2017) at the Huangpin airport built during second WW II and used by Flying Tiger group. The show attracted 700,000 people bringing in 5 billion RMP (0.55 billion RMB) for the local economy. SKYTREK took the show with a fleet of painted airplanes in the tribal traditional color scheme by tribal children.

Ruggedly built and engineered to exceed the structural strength and safety requirements of ASTM standards. It’s a purpose-built workhorse, durable, reliable, economical to operate and reasonably priced. The Skytrek is ideally made for flight school looking to replace the aging Cessna 150s, 152s and 172s.

Powered by the 100hp Rotax 912iS with a DUC Flash High Performance 3 bladed propeller; safety, reliability is assured by its electronic ignition and fuel injection systems which eliminate carburetors—the primary source of all engine failure

Conveniently, the 2,000hr TBO (Time Before Overhaul) engine uses regular gas and is monitored by 10″ Dynon D1000 SkyView instrument panels mounted behind a patented Steerable Nose Wheel for effortless steerage when taxing and disengages in-flight to avoid unwanted wheel drag.


China Reporter Experience Stunt Flight.
AOPA Director Yu Yanen Fly the Skytrek.
Chinese Tribal Art on the Skytrek.






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