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TRITON HOLDINGS, INC.  is the parent company of Triton Aerospace, Bayview Composites, and iflyairplanes.com with factories and offices in Mount Vernon, La Conner, WA, and Mosier, OR.

These companies are the building blocks for legendary Thomas Hsueh who, with his 60 plus years of steadfast achievements in yacht building, telecommunications, commercial aircraft acquisition, and Aeronautical Engineering, are set to launch into the 21st-century skies.

Adam’s Aircraft Staff in Denver, Colorado.

In 2009, Triton America dba Triton Aerospace acquired all the intellectual and hardware assets of Adam’s Aircraft, an aircraft computerized paperless design, development, and manufacturing company that successfully built and certified a twin-engine, 6-seat pressurized all-carbon composite FAR 23 aircraft and also ifly_adam's-A500-A700partially completed the certification for their twin jet powered 8 seats FAR 23 aircraft.

The vision behind the Skytrek is to revive general aviation in the United States and the world, by providing an affordable, well engineered and solid built SLSA aircraft.

With extensive aircraft developing tools, equipment and instruments, the nearly 400,000 sq foot Adam’s factory was relocated from Denver Colorado to the Triton Aerospace aircraft design and testing facilities in La Conner, at the Bayview Composite facilities in Bayview, WA.

Triton’s main vision into airplane manufacturing is to establish general aviation in China and to help revive general aviation in the United States by providing affordable, well-engineered, and solid-built SLSA aircraft that meets the demands of flight schools. The Skytrek is the first SLSA certified by CAAC and the FAA, made in China.

Zhuhai factory staff in China   珠海海卫科技工厂和员工

With the emerging Chinese market, the Skytrek is also tasked to inspire, initiate, construct thousands of small, suitable, landing strips and flight schools owned by the state, or privately operated throughout China.

It’s a formidable challenge, to say the least, but following the lead of an indomitable force, the “trek” toward achievement is the essence of Skytrek.



关于设施 Facilities:

— 全国第一个民营飞机制造公司拥有自己的2条跑道; First private aircraft company to built and own two runways.

— 拥有空军和民航批准的临时起降点,突破“落地难”、“上天难”的问题; Air Force and Civil Aviation approved as a temporary airfield.

— 利用珠三角水道密布的特色与优势,建成通航飞行网,可供陆地与水陆 两用飞机安全及方便起降,提供军航、民航空中交通管理无死角监看。 Geological advantages of the Pearl River Delta: Massive natural waterway flight network that provides safer, convenient landing environment for land and amphibious planes. The terrain also helps officers of military and civil aviation to monitor flights.


Airshow China Brochure

Front and back page of Airshow China Brochure


Inside spread with Skytrek specs in English and Chinese








A composite tooling design and manufacturing company specializing in large high-temperature composite tooling for aerospace, boat, and wind energy industries.
With one of the largest CNC gantry milling machines in the United States.
Multi-station layup rooms and design stations that have built: 50-meter long high-temperature wind turbine blade tooling for General Electric, Boeing 787 tooling, high-speed water borne target drones for USN as well as tooling for various composite aircraft and yacht manufacturers. Presently we are in serial production of several types of high-speed attack boats for French Navy Special Forces.



Morning meeting of the assembly team working on three different aircraft.
Final sanding before paint room.
Assembly fuel line to right wing tank.
Composite canopy preparation.


Final detailing of the Skytrek