Skytrek Specs



  • ROTAX 912iS Sport Fuel Injected 100hp
  • Gearbox with Overload Protection Clutch
  • New Aerodynamic Fiberglas Cowling with Carbon Reinforcements
  • Oil and Coolant Inspection Port in Top Cowl
  • The new DUC Flash High Performance 3 Blade Propeller complete with metal leading edges, composite and ground adjustable


Standard Airframe & Cabin Features

  • Steerable Nose Wheel with auto disengage in-flight
  • Improved Aileron design for flight control surface harmony
  • Locking Canopy
  • Optically Correct Canopy with overhead shading
  • Canopy Pop-Top System
  • Dual Sticks
  • Individually In-Flight Adjustable Rudder Pedals
  • 4-point Seatbelts New upgrade design
  • NACA Air Ventilation with canopy screen demist
  • Large Baggage Area (skis & poles) with luggage tie down points
  • Wing Luggage Lockers
  • Wing Tanks 2 x 57 liter
  • Fuel Tank Dip Stick and Fuel Sight Glass Tester
  • Electric Fuel Gauge Senders
  • Fuel Gascolator on Firewall
  • Fuel Tank Selector
  • Aileron Trim – control on both sticks
  • Pitch Trim – control on both sticks
  • Electric Flaps with LED Position Display
  • Hydraulic Brakes, Dual Differential Foot-tip Brake Pedals (as in GA aircraft)
  • Push Rod Controls with Aircraft Rose Joints
  • Parking Brake
  • Wheel Fairings
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Tow Bar
  • Cabin Heater
  • Internal Centre Glove Box and Large Stretch Map Pockets x 2
  • Padded Glair Shield with Strong in dash Hand Holds
  • Headset storage hooks
  • Tie Down Points x 3
  • Entry Step
  • Armrest
  • Optional Anatomically correct performance high-back seats
  • Ground power connection
  • Two-tone paint with matching textile upholstery



  • Dynon SkyView 10″ screens with Synthetic Vision, GPS and Transponder included.
  • Dynon Standby Battery
  • OAT probe
  • Pitch Trim Indicator on EFIS
  • Aileron Trim Indicator on EFIS
  • Dynon Integrated Radio with Duel Watch Channels with On-Screen Display
  • Dynon Integrated Stereo Intercom
  • 12V Outlet Automotive Jack
  • USB Port
  • Dynon GPS Integrated into SkyView
  • Transponder Integrated into SkyView (with On-Screen Display)


Aircraft Lighting

  • Strob/Nav Light and Landing Light (for Night VMC)
  • Cabin instruments and Switches Lighting for Night VMC
  • EFIS Warning Light (red)
  • LANE A&B light (red)





Prices available upon request.


  • Ballistic Parachute Recovery System
  • SportPack (Long luggage Compartment)


  • Dynon Auto Pilot
  • Second Dynon SkyView 10″ screens with Synthetic Vision, GPS and Transponder.

Aircraft Cover:

  • Cover for Engine & Canopy (1pc)


  • Metallic

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